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If you would like me to uncover your inner-most  secrets I can do so if you provide me the following data:-
1) Draw a crude black & white sketch in ball-point pen or pencil.
2) The drawing should include all of the following items as part of 1 complete composition. (i.e do not submit seperate sketches of each object):-
      a) A House
      b) Trees
      c) Water
      d) A snake
      e) Hills
3) Scan your image, attach it to an e-mail and send to
PLEASE NOTE:- In undertaking this task I endevour to follow strick guidelines in providing an accurate account of the providors inner mind as it is exposed within their drawing. I am not however qualified in physco-analysis techniques and the recipient of my character report should not therefore rely on my findings to assist in any mental health issues they may have. Having said this, I do believe that my discoveries are a little more meaningful than simply fun.
ALSO NOTE:- To provide a considered report on each sketch can take me 1-3 hours to complete and so whilst I do enjoy this task I would appreciate (If satisfied)a £10 contribution by cheque made payable to Chris Harris sent to:-
Note: If your happy with my report and wish to contribute, you may request contact details on the above e-mail.
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