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CHRIS HARRIS - Accoustic Set

Chris Harris Accoustic Guitar
I own just 2 accoustic guitars and whilst they are not expensive examples of this instrument, I've always found them to suit both my style and my tennis racket sized hands. Both guitars are made by EKO one being a six string circa 1977 and the other a 12 string circa 1988. An ongoing problem I have is how to achieve the attack provided when using a pick, whilst finger picking. I've tried growing my nails and have used finger tip picks but both solutions seem to require learning to play all over again. Another handicap I have is that I possess an utterly nauseating voice. Its a shame because I do have some tales to tell but dare not inflict my voice on the listener. Having said all this, the music in this section will be stuff that I like and stuff that I hope you do to.
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