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UFO's - Dis-Information
I'm not a political animal at all but I do know that disinformation is a tactic employed by Governments to steer the public along a desired road. A good way to get UFO revelations under control is for the (powers that be) to create an advocate or organization that is researching the subject and is demanding it's disclosure. This procedure creates a focal point behind which the general public gather allowing the agenda of (said Governmental decoy) to be suitably tailored in an ongoing pseudo case-file denial cycle. I have my suspicions of some leading  individuals  that could be decoys and wonder if  there are any organisations   that  you have come to any conclusions about . Your nominations please................
How to see ghosts
Everyone's brain focuses on images received by the eye. Normally all of our attention is given to the object at which we are directly looking. With practice it is possible to concentrate on images that are coming in from the corner of ones eyes. To develop this skill try walking along a road gazing at a distant object straight ahead. Then without moving your eyes from that object try to concentrate on images coming in from your peripheral vision. I was very surprised to discover what you can learn from objects that your not actually looking at. It's amazing how your mind tunes out the object at which your eyes are directed and tunes into details from objects elsewhere.
This is one technique that can be used to see ghosts.
High strangeness - The French connection
One night whilst asleep in bed with my wife I was awoken by her as she suddenly burst into conversation. I became immediately aware of a French accent in her voice but then realized that her words were (or appeared to be) actual French words. I knew she didn't speak a word of French and also that she was not prone to pranks in any way. As my French was equally non existent I memorized the sounds with a view to unraveling the mystery later. The sounds most clear in my head were- "Se la gehr". This was followed by a complicated and lengthy sentence that I did not  pick up. I recall only that this second sentence included the sound "Perverse". Later that day at work I offered my rendition of "Se la Gehr" as it sounded, to a fluent French speaking colleague who immediately translated the phrase into - "It is war". Reflecting back on the sounds and intent in my wife's dream I conclude that she was talking about a war that was most perverse. The most striking thing of all was to hear my wife bursting into Fluent French whilst asleep. The second shock came when the sounds she made were instantly recognizable to a French speaking person. Was my wife re-living a past event. Was she passing a future event back in time to the present day. Or was the interlaced collective consciousness MATRIX exposed for what it is for that moment ?

The Wolf Dream
I was asleep one night in bed when suddenly I was jolted awake by a loud SLAP. I nudged my wife into consciousness and said "What was that slapping sound". She said that she'd been having a dream mumbling something about a crowd. At this point we let it go and went back to sleep. Later in the day I enquired as to the content of her dream the night before. My wife said that in the dream she was being confronted by a mob in a clearing of a wood or forest somewhere. The crowd were accusing her of being in league with a wolf (her familiar ?) normally resident in the wood. The ring leader (a man) tries to force my wife deeper into the wood at which point she lashes out with her hand and slaps him sharply across the face. At this moment the dream ended with my digging her in the back demanding to know what the SLAPPING sound was. Other details of the dream are:-
1)The time of day was dusk (not dawn)
2)The mob consisted of approximately 20 mixed sex individuals
3)After the slap the assailant recoils but does not let go.
4)The arrival & presence of the wolf behind my wife was revealed by the changed expression on the assailants face.
5)The wolf leapt at the assailant causing him to let go of my wife.
6)My wife is awakened by my digging her in the back
This is a very strange affair indeed I feel . To hear a sound from another person's dream is a most curious event. 


What's in a name
There is a peculiar event that happens regularly to me. It's so regular that when it happens my wife and I no longer comment on it - we just smile and accept it. This is not a profound occurrence but it is never the less more than a little odd. It's all about my name - which is Chris. All the time people who are only distant acquaintances insist on calling me Steve. If this was to happen within a small area it could be understood as someone may have thought and wrongly broadcast my name as being Steve. But this occurs in entirely unconnected places that are miles apart - it even happens over the phone when speaking to business contacts. There's a predictability about this odd affair that's almost like I know what happening - yet do not. I do not feel the urge to correct people but more inclined to role play as Steve (almost as if I am he). I have actually corrected one person but he didn't seem to hear and still calls me Steve when ever we meet ?


Ultra-sound Paranormal detectors
Has anyone used ultra-sound detectors in their ghost hunting activities. I have heard that these units can be a worthy addition to infra-red, Gauss meters and so on ?
Types of Alien Life-forms
Below is a list of the types of life form that can exist in my view. Can anybody expand on this please :-
It is obvious that the multi-verse is teaming with life. For my own clarification I have split such life forms into various groups (see below) :-

1) MORTAL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS - Tied to a single planet with Low-Tech skills.

2) MORTAL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS - Physically tied to a single planet with Low-Tech skills but having advanced metaphysical skills enabling some interaction with types 3-4 & 5 below.

3) IMMORTAL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS - Having Hi-tech skills enabling inter-galactic travel, physical immortality etc.

4) MECHANICAL LIFE FORMS - Machines created by type 3 life forms that have become self aware and operate independently from those who built them. Immortality would also be a logical requirement of this group.

5) MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIFE FORMS - Those residing in eternal space-time who's existence is no longer dependent on matter to sustain them.
Is Physical immortality a possible reality change target
Is Physical immortality a possible reality change target Many multi-dimensional entities (MDE's) such as Bashar and Whitley Strieber's Master of the key - tell us that we can have anything we want and that we can have it right now. What I want is to remain alive forever without ever getting sick, ageing or dying. Are the MDE's referring to our abilities to create our own chosen realities as a skill available to mortal humans or are they referring to skills available only to our immortal (soul) component. To be alive on earth is a harsh sentence. To have to face loosing the people and places you've come to love is something I do not want to experience. It's clear to me that each soul is part of a superconscious "Mainframe" and that parts of this central core are cast down to earth (and other planets) to reside in mortal frames. The newly born human has its own virgin mind which grows with the body and contains all the memories of this individuals earthly experiences. Riding in tandom with the bodies physical brain (conscious mind) - the superconscious component (soul) gets to feel and record (mirror), all things that the conscious mind records. A third component to this living human is its sub-concious mind that controls all automatic reactions based on the knowledge attained by the conscious mind. The communication flow between the conscious/sub-conscoius mind/superconscious minds is such that the conscious mind is incapable of talking to the superconscious mind. The superconscious mind however has 2 way communications set up with the sub-conscious mind and a (receive only) arrangement with the conscious mind. The net result of all this is that the conscious mind (You and me) has to cope with the fear of death/ageing/illness etc. We are blind to the realities known to our superconscious (eternal) partner. Whilst its true that all of what we were (after death) is retained - I personally would like to skip the death bit. In the not to distant future medical science will learn how to revearse ageing and enable physical immortality. But my question is:- Can the mortal conscious mind create a reality where the body lives on in pefect condition forever. ..............?


DISCLOSURE ? - (What for)
Many people wonder why alien groups do not land on the White House Lawn etc. It's seems possible to me that we are failing to understand our place in the multi-verse and that such an introduction by space/time travellers would not be meaningful to their intentions. Our perception of civilisations leads us to presume that a natural first meeting of 2 races would be on a "Leader to Leader" basis. But it's likely that the visitors are indifferent to Obama's/others status and that such teirs of human heirarchy are of no consequence. In my view we should take into account the wider picture of all components present that combine to form the human being. I believe that every human has an immortal component that is a self contained sub-routine connected to an infinetely larger "Mainframe" or central core. Mortal lifetimes on planets such as our own involve a flesh and blood carcass born with its own virgin brain running in tandem yet in accordance with an immortal contoller's wishes who's motives remain unclear. The conscious mind of the mortal human is unaware of it's supervisor and believes itself to be an entirely independent creature. Add to this the realities predicted by Quatum theory (where all that exists does so merely as a result of expectation) - and we have a seriously "Misty" understanding of everything. I see extra-terrestrials as being completely aware of the exotic framework that forms eternity. I also believe that each soul on Earth and beyond has a unique place in the scheme of things and that Leader to Leader contact is meaningless as such status is simply not visible upon the meta-physical stage on which we exist.




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