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Alien footage "Night Crawlers 1 "   - This is film of creatures known as Night Crawlers who seem to be restricted to sightings in Yosemite Park California.
Interesting account 1:- I once read of an extreemly odd occurance where a man used to drive the same route every day. This trip took him to his destination where he would attend to some business affairs and then return home. The tasks he had to perform were of very short duration but dealing with them personally was the way this individual liked to work. On one particular day the person in question was uncharacteristically some 15 minutes late in setting off from home. As he approached his destination whilst negotiating a round-about (traffic system) - he was horrified to see himself coming back the other way and further stuned by witnessing his other self staring back at him with equal incredulity. Clearly his vision was of himself where he would have been if he'd been on time. Never before has the quote. "There are just as many ghosts of the living as there are of the dead" - been more vividly encountered.
Actress Keira Knightley sees ghost.
Alien interview footage Area 51
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