Wednesday, 2021-09-22, 10:32 PM
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Day One


As ever there
Like the garden in each morning
Growing still higher
Turning slow
As the river with each road
Gathered like another on and on

Leaning to the dawn
Perfect as though beloved
Further with unknowing

As ever there
Marking time with the first room
Blind though uncertain
Passing by
Open ended with tomorrow
Leaving as forever

An open door
Like a mirror leading nowhere
Giving its own reflection
On the run
As the lame with the morning
Searching still beside us

Calling as we will
Passing with moments
Bound with pages lost
Waiting still waiting

Unplaced as each day
Like pieces laid random
Left fragments unwilling
Still aimless though finite
Ungrateful held blameless
Led broken with silence

Lost as the way
Still leaving we join
As the day begins


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