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Clear Understanding

  This site is a record of this world and others as perceived by myself (an observer called Chris Harris). My demented ramblings are possibly just a pitiful attempt at gaining recognition to inflate my flagging self esteem but may also contain (and I truly believe they do) - elements of a greater truth. Note that all works on this site are entirely my own excluding those listed under the bands APRIL16TH/MATRIX & REDSHIFT where I functioned as part of a  team. Herein are:-

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 There was a phrase used in 17th century England to describe one who could readily absord and comprehend the essence of the world about them. Such a person was said to have "CLEAR UNDERSTANDING". I have adopted this phrase for use in my own mission statement as it seems to fully encapsulate and solidify the diversity of tools I've used in my attempts to unravel the truth. My mission statement therefore and the intention of this site is to have - Clear Understanding.                                       



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