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The Thoughts Of Chairman Me


"The Thoughts Of Chairman Me" is an attempt to present an ongoing list of definitions that expose human motivations for what they are. The list is presented in a random fashion reflecting my observations in the order at which they occurred to me. This seemingly ad-hoc listing is utilised intentionally and is akin to a rather protracted brainstorming session that may assist the reader (and author) to decipher the motivational trends of the whole picture by understanding its components. Most alarming perhaps is my wholehearted belief in the validity of each of the defintions. In amongst the definitions/ observations are statements considered by myself as absolute fact. If we could only accept such words as reality  we could then begin to seriously progress as a worthy species.  Am I barking decide !
Observation 1 (WORK)
Work is for those who lack internal stimulus and for those who without it would have no distraction to avert their attention from the emptiness of their own mind.
Observation 2 (CONVERSTAION)
Conversation is a drug where the listener falls deaf whilst formulating his next medicinal outburst of self esteem building retoric during the current speakers rendition of the same.
Observation 3 (DESTINATION)
The place where the points at the extremes of ones peripheral vision and the points that mark the beginning and end of a journey travelled - coincide.
Observation 4 (BOSSES)
Bosses are those enabled to become so by virtue of their absence of intellect. Their reliance and subsequent expertise in the trivia of the workplace, elevates their worth, both to companies in which they are puppetts, and to the intelligencia, amongst which they are charletons.
Observation 5 (Communal Eating)
To glorify the basic animal blood lust of food consumption by displaying vast knowledge of its variety, and declaring its value at group orgies to conversational and cultural enhancements; surely exposes the function as the most vile of intoxicants.
Observation 6 (CORPORATIONS)
The corporation is an institution closely resembling an open prison, where most of the inmates are forced to attend as punishment for and to afford their lust for material worth. Once hooked, their fix for payment escalates as the dealer or bossman demands ever increasing amounts of their soul in return for ever decreasing financial trips.
Observation 7 (OFFSPRING)
The production of offspring, that is the desire to procreate, is clearly driven by an inherant hormonal imbalance present in most species on this planet. The developement of such organisms after birth invariably funnels the creations down roads and into areas in which the parents have failed. Hereafter, the achievements and therefore sole purpose of ones children is to fuel boasts to the peirs of parents to justify their own existance.
Observation 8 (INTELLECTUALS)
Are those who have both the time and money to amass vast knowledge on a variety of fringe subjects, only to utilize such privalege in scourning those less fortunate and therefore sub-intellectuals in their seemingly futile though forced pursuits.
Observation 9 (ANGLO SAXONS)
Are those who through a thousand invasions and countless interbreedings, are left, and are those who chase, with boundless energy for meaningless pursuits with the broken logic of mixed race - and remain in sole charge of the financial, cultural and total collapse of civilisation within the United Kingdom.
Statement 1 (ALIENS)
The multiverse in which we reside is teeming with alien life-forms.  The diversity and nature of their beings is endless and ranges from biologicals like us through to self aware droids that have become  detatched and independent of their designers. Souls evolved beyond the need of an actual physical body or mechanism also roam the heavens and the worlds contained therein.
Statement 2 (REALITY)
We already have the immortality tool box but don't know how to use it. To have anything you want is greater than simply wishing it to be. It is greater even than believing it to be - The secret of having it all is to expect it to be.
Statement 3 (GHOSTS)
There are just as many ghosts of the living as there are of the dead.
Statement 4 (WHO ARE YOU)
a)  You are what you are
b)  You are what you think you are
c)  You are what people think you are
d)  You are what you think people think you are 
e)  You are what you think people think you are thinking you are 
Statement 5 ( MEDICAL SCIENCE)
Advances in stem cell therapy, genetics etc means that many children born today will never have to die. They may age for the first part of their lives but as time progresses science will permit them to choose which age they would like to be and enable them to remain that way forever. They will never get sick and will never age and will never die.
All major governments are of course in touch with alien groups that are visiting our planet. It is the science and truth known to these travellers that prevents disclosure. To have a full understanding of the mechanics of space-time and to understand the reality behind each of our souls interconnectivity and immortality is to know more than can be released to Earth humans at this time. To unleash revelations exposed by the exotic science of our alien contacts, is a logistical nightmare that governments are trying to address. It is not panic of the masses at stake it is the sanity of us all. Things now so important to us that cement the world together would dissolve if our education is to fast.
Statement 7 (WHAT WE ARE)
In our neck of the cosmos is a consciousness. This entity is all powerful and as part of its normal life function it throws out parts of itself like seeds upon the ground. These seeds germinate and believe themselves to be independent life forms. Their memories begin as they take root and grow -  but within them lies hidden sensors that connects them still with their omnipotent parent. He sees all they see and feels all that they feel and he does so through their eyes and senses. The souless human body captures the falling seed and incubates the offspring cast out from the main core of the entity. The seed believes itself born of humans and regards them as kin never suspecting that its parents also were/are seeds. As the numbers of mankind grow so there are more and more eyes to see through and to live through. At death we are reabsorbed by the whole. At this point we seem forget the horrors of mortality and often decide to take another stab at it here on Earth in another virgin carcass. I don't understand this at all.
Observation 10(PRIME DRIVES)
All observations conclusively reveal that in humans there are just two criteria which every function and purpose seeks to satisfy. No matter how complex, sophisticated or cultured an individual may seem, his or her primary motivations will remain - "SEX & FOOD".
Observation 11 (COMMUTERS)
Are those who travel too and work in places where the inhabitants travel too and work in places from where the former came. This nomadic ritual is believed to pivot around intimate sexual rites observed in packed carriages, but may have some misguided connection to the illusion of job security, company loyalty or the enhancement of ones career. 
Observation 12 (ARCHITECTS)
Are those who innacurately apply the skills and taste swings of hairdressing or fashion, to the rigid science and vastly different arena of the construction industry. The powder puff softness and paid for pseudo education from which the pretty, nay, revolutionary designs evolve - can never co-exist with the bulldozer lusts of developers or cement mixer politics of contractual engineers.
Observation 13 (DESIGNERS)
Are those with no hands on experience charged with the creation and evolution of all manor of gizmos and devices, which when purchased or repaired , display no hint of performing any task other than the emptying of ones pockets or the raising of ones blood pressure.
Observation 14 (SEX)
Is the means by which an impression of enjoyment falsely lures the participants into natures hidden agenda of parenthood. The drug of lust is so powerfully administered as to render the recipients completely intoxicated to the point where he or she falls blind to the truths of self gratification, and actually starts believing in the carnal beauty of their partners.
Observation 15 (RELATIVITY)
All paradoxical issues related to momentum are connected to the point in space from where the measurements are taken. By engendering the monitoring point with the truths of dual, multi or omni-presence - all states of motion can exist symmultaneously.
Observation 16 (WORLD SPEAK)
To like, constantly, right, interject ones speach, OK, like, with global, right, moronic, like , "PAUSING-TOOLS", OK, or to like, speak in questions all the time?, right, making those spoken to, OK, like, feel they lack in comprehension ?, right - gets like, right up the authors nose, OK ?
Observation 17 (TIME)
Nothing can be truly begun, for to begin is to progress from a point in time before which nothing occurred. Moreover, nothing can be ended, as to end is to cease progression from a point which could not be regarded as a beginning. If nothing can begin and nothing can end, then that which has begun, has not, and that which may end, by virtue of its beginnings, has ended before its begun.
Observation 18 (HATE)
Is a forum created by its originator to focus on any number of minor irritants with such intensity as to defuse the amassed frustrations of ones own shortcomings.
Observation 19 (LOVE)
Love, least born of gender, may most reside in places or spirits and spirits of places. Love is not the shallow pool of youth that swells in summer rain to parenthood. Nor is it years that sign the deeds in autumns changing. Tis the dark as winters pass alone in waiting. Tis the light that burns eternal.
Observation 20(GROWTH)
The delineated and predetermined figures or dynamics too which a company or country should adhere if they wish to remain on a survival curve amidst those other countries and companies survival curves, that by virtue of ones own projected and relative course, will remain inferior to ones own.
Observation 21 (BUSINESS)
Is an engine who's turbines are fuelled and therefore driven entirely by the speed of its own exhaust. The faster it turns, the faster it must turn, until its components start to rattle and fly off in all directions prior to complete failure in the competion against itself.  Contributors to this self-perpetuating lunacy, all players in the same game - have a madness as pure as a dog chasing its own tail.
Observation 22 (THOUGHT)
Is that which resides within a mechanism composed of independent units each capable of contributing to the (view) as perceived by the "WHOLE" whose own vision has then widened enough to evaluate itself.
Observation 23 (THE FREE MARKET)
I don't understand how democracy and the free market works. How can all countries and all businesses all be successful all of the time. All news reports seem to point to this utopia as being an achievable goal but surely if one business wins a contract then their competitors loose. If we simplify the model to an imaginary village containing just ten people each of which has their own product to sell. We have say a butcher, a tailor, a builder, a blacksmith and so on. If the blacksmith's uplift on his product is payed for then the builders costs go up which in turn makes the blacksmiths cost go up thus forcing his products price up to pay for it. This simple model is surely true for a village of ten people or for a world of 10 billion. For people to win in this "game" - there must be loosers. Why do news reels avoid this obvious reality. I would like to hear statistics quantifying how many companies/countries are winning and how many are loosing. These figures would always surely reveal the winners to loosers ratio must remain balanced. Is there a system by which all players can win. Maybe I'm missing the point. A recent example of this was seen in the U.K where a contract for railway carriages was awarded by the U.K government to a German company. There was uproar in the British press at the governments decision to buy abroad but as both Germans & English people are in the European Union - surely we should care about our brothers in Germany with equal concern as we do our fellow countrymen. The financial success stories on this planet are those who have beaten their competitors in the costs verses profits race and then held their margins long enough to stash some cash away. That cash can then be invested in say properties to rent, providing constant income from the loosers who become tenants of these dwellings. What I,m saying is that for the rich to exist there must always be the poor. Can anyone enlighten me to an alternative model please.
I have observed that mothers rock their children's cradles at the rate of approx. 36 cycles per minute. They may also stand with a child in their arms with their bodies swaying at 36 cycles a minute. Primates and mentally ill humans also rock from side to side at around the same frequency. Is the 36 cycles a minute count a clue to an unseen component in our reality Matrix our something more simple ??
For some people the financially enforced necessity of having to go to work is like a cancer that relentlessly eats away at their soul destroying the very fabric of their being. For others the process of going to work gives them a sense of purpose that is both uplifting and vital to their sanity. The differences between those who need work and those who are made ill by it - has not been observed or catered for by any scientific or political body. As a result of this oversight, everyone is believed to have chosen their professions and therefore assumed to be happy and contented with their lot. In reality this (unseen) yet fundamental difference between the two groups has a profound impact on the quality of life available to an individual. Given that no person can decide into which group they will fall and given that both groups have no choice in being dependent on an income – it is clear that the joys of life are solely reserved for those in the "love to work” camp. The foundations of the minds of the two groups should be unearthed in an effort to understand, cater and perhaps relieve the daily agony endured by those in the "work hating” group. Whilst generalisation is difficult it is true to say that lovers of work are incapable of self-sustaining thought. To this group the idea of sitting in a chair in an empty room would be intolerable. All they would see is a blank wall and all they would hear is silence – their heads would explode with boredom. Those who need work do so because they require external input for stimuli. To those in the work hating group an empty room is full of the sights and sounds of past events and future possibilities. Their "Day-dreaming” or "Alpha –state” capacity is fully enabled and fed by the "No-clutter” empty room environment. Those who hate work do so because work represents clutter that constantly invades their self-sustaining minds.
Statement 8 (Democracy sucks)
How can a Democracy be regarded as a final and "almost righteous" solution to human governance when it is so obviously flawed in its applications. I fail to understand that a country having 56% of it's population from faction (A) and 44% from faction (B), can accept a vote on favour of faction (A) as being tolerable to faction (B). To repeatedly claim thereafter that all installed policies are democratically sound - is nothing short of stupidity. Many countries in the world have populations deeply divided by sectarian beliefs and it is madness to expect (marginally smaller) groups to tolerate the outcome of a vote that they could never win. A solution to these conflicts could be to keep the state intact by dividing the country concerned into a North/ South situation within which preferred life practices could be enjoyed without friction. The State could still have a single united Government to manage the less contentious / mutually beneficial common policies.
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