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It is obvious that the multiverse is teaming with life. For my own clarification I have split such life forms into various groups (see below) :-


1) MORTAL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS - Tied to a single planet with Low-Tech skills.
2) MORTAL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS - Physically tied to a single planet with Low-Tech skills but having advanced metaphysical skills enabling some interaction with types 3-4 & 5 below.
3) IMMORTAL BIOLOGICAL LIFE FORMS - Having Hi-tech skills enabling inter-galactic travel, physical immortality etc.
4) MECHANICAL LIFE FORMS - Machines created by type 3 life forms that have become self aware and operate independently from those who built them.
5) MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIFE FORMS - Those residing  in eternal space-time who's existence is no longer dependent on matter to sustain them.

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