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Earth Humans (Living)

                    One possible view of Human consciousness can be seen in the diagram below. Here we can see that a massive mind (God(s)/Alien supermind) has thrown out parts of itself and then severed the phone line home. This leaves the (individual) to fend for himself and creates an environment where the outcast truly believes himself to be an independent entity. The place in which this exile resides is a human carcass and his conscious mind will grow, evolve and die with that mortal vehicle. Communication home is via the sub-conscious mind which talks (un-beknown to the conscious mind) directly to the immortal superconscious mind or soul. At the end of an Earthly life the superconscious mind can do it again with a new body and so on. Exactly why this exercise in self harm is so addictive is beyond me. I can only imagine that the post death euphoria and renewed insight into ones immortal self is a potent enough stimulus to drive the experiencer into a continuous cycle. I've included this scenario(theory) because its substance is globally allured too through folk tales and religious doctrines.

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