Wednesday, 2021-09-22, 10:05 PM
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Friday Street

Silence raging falls
In flood its rivers valleys forge
Immortal sun dying

Decades racing flee
Eternal moments still embrace
An intimate darkness

Gallery of dreams
Commissioned by the laughing free
Images hung naked

Frigid mother Earth
Harsh mistress finest hour exposed
Tearless still born memories

Guardian blinding faith
Providor of imperfect view
Critic of all failure

Superficial mind
Of cursed overlord elect
Puppet of deception

Terminal remorse
In simulated rationale
Stricken incognito

Darkness fading torn
Disputed dawn infertile mourns
Turning to another

Lessons as we change
Allegiance the dividers spell
Unbroken with the morning

Partial with the sun
Dismantled as tomorrows ran
Unchanging through the valley


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