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Stolen were the days
Naked in the dawn
Spreading as she fades
There to silence born

As to touch me now
Unseen eyes above caress
Faster than the rising of the sun
Upon an edge of day
Blind as our witness
A players game of chance that can't be won

Voices from the page
Empty as they turn
Dealers in all said
Authors of all done

Puppeteer of men
Severed calls as trusts divide
Breathless seen the fantasy of choice
Immune in skies golden
Fall as leaves denied
Tumbling ever distant fading voice

Valueless we shone
Words unsentenced still
As times with summer ran
Unchained this autumn fell

Lies unsaid rejoice
Fruitless sown unbroken few
As islands in an ocean barren held
Charted with our dreams race
Born of night aimless
Unshadowed laid as meadows leaving tell


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