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                                                     The Westall UFO incident (Australia's Roswell)







                                                        Solar observatory mysteriously shut down





                                                        Old but interesting Photo of Spaceman




                                 5 statements from extra-terrestrials believed by myself to be factual


                           1 - Time does not exist - there is only now viewed from different perspectives

                           2-  Death is a human construct

                           3-  Many E.T's aspire to be human

                           4-  All we need is all around us and within us right now

                           5-  Time= Space     & Space = Time



                                                           Has Pyranid extra-terrestrial contents






                                                                 Is full disclosure approaching





                                                               US Airforce actual UFO footage





                                                Ancient Egyptian coins depict ET presence








                                                   A useful research link for UFOLOGISTS





                                                        Footage of Gettysburg ghost





                                                         Ancient alien hieroglyphics





                                                            A few curious ghost videos







                                         13000 years old Alien Satelite in Earth Polar orbit




                                                             Secret meeting on Mars





                                                       Info on Ceres bright spots               



 Van Gogh Decoded ? (Stare at centre of moving image for 20 seconds and then look at picture)





                                         Japanes Airlines Flight 1628 - UFO encounter





                                                    Nazi UFO bases in Antarctica



                                                 Something wicked this way comes



                                             Scientific evidence for Life after Death



                                  Structures revealed in Rosettaprobe comet Images





                       An interesting UFO sighting at link below:-




                       Buildings on Mars from NASA's Curiousity Rover Rught NAV cam SOL 595





                         An odd light source appears on Mars Curiousity Right Nav Cam Sol 589




                                          The most exiting space mission ever

                                           Reality Creation & The New World order


                                     Google Moon reveals an odd structure
                                    An extreemly intersting article about imminent future
           Stare at this picture and feel your view point drift. A very curious effect don't you think

                                                  More on this most distant cluster



Below is a sketch of a UFO incident that occurred near Liberty (Youngstown AirForce Base) on Dec 14th 1994. This encounter involved multiple civilian and Law enforcement officers and must surely be the most worthy case to investigate fully.

Click here for full story

This picture was painted in 1486 and is called "The Annunciation". It is currently on display in London's National Gallery.
The UFO and energy beam are an amazing example of historic interaction with extra-terrestrials.

More old UFO paintings on this link





Minds Beyond Brains: New Experimental Evidence 





One in five sun-like stars may host planets in their habitable zone where liquid water could sustain life. Illustration: Reuters
This man is Darryl Anka who lets a multi-dimensional entity (MDE) called BASHAR
speak to humans through him. Videos of such group question and answer sessions
are mind blowingly informative. Have a look at this site :- Bashar site

Is Comet Ison an Alien Mothership

Best 2012 UFO sighting Compilation - A collection of some of the best footage from 2012
Curious rock shapes from Mars Curiousity Rover
Another best UFO's from 2012 compilation  - This is another compilation of good UFO footage from 2012
I normally keep a keen eye open for unusual reports in the media but I've not encountered
 this "trend" before. It concerns sightings of so called "Black eyed children" that were first
 seen in the late 90's. These children eyes appear entirely black with no Iris or pupil similar
in fact to reports of the alien "Greys" featureless eyes. These children appear to confront
people mainly at night in a menacing way using monotone voices.Sometimes they ask for
water or a phone. For any of you that like me have not come across this phenomena it's
well worth a touch of web surfing I'd say.

Link to black eyed children video



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