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Quantum Physics

Below are some of the greatly discussed issues that lay behind the Quantum physics movement. Under each section I've tried to decipher and understand what they all mean. Someone somewhere once said "If you think you understand Quantum Physics then you've missed something".

THE 2 SLIT EXPERIMENT:- If a string of particles (electrons) is fired at a screen with 2 slits in it - why does a plate beyond the screen show an interferance pattern upon its surface even if the electrons are fired one at a time. The plate should show 2 straight lines as sure as if the electrons had been marbles. If the electrons are monitored by whatever means, why is that interferance pattern then replaced by the expected 2 straight lines. The implication here is that the electrons know they are being watched or that the observation itself collapses the "Waves of potential" back into matter as if the act of that observation has created that reality. I'm not sure what's going on here at all. But I do know that matter is merely condensed energy and that matter moving at or close to the speed of light (SOL) is in a state of limbo (i.e hovering between being mass and energy). My mind is drawn to an idea where mass that is travelling at near (SOL) speeds tends to expand into 5D space-time (See Entanglement below). Perhaps this figures in the odd results of this experiment.
ENTANGLEMENT THEORY :- Energy can condense into matter in a similar way that steam condenses into water. Experiments and calculations reveal that any matter created from the same energy to mass conversion event will remain "entangled". For simplification, just imagine one electron of mass spinning at point (A) in space. Entanglement says that if you revearse the spin of that electron then the spin of its entangled twin will also change. More importantly this effect of one on the other is known  to occur even if the two electrons are light years apart. More amazing still is that this action of one upon the other is instantaneous. Most interpretations of this anomaly suggest that there must be a force travelling between the two particles that is faster than light.  As travelling at speeds faster than light has been deemed an impossible task for objects in our universe - we are left with a conumdrum. One explanation I have encountered to explain this anomaly is this: Imagine our 4D space time to be represented by a single sheet of paper. First of all we bend that sheet into a "U" shape. We than take a pencil and pass it through the "U" at both ends at the top of the shape. We then have the pencil passing through the paper at 2 points. As all of our senses reside in the 4D space that is the sheet of the paper - we perceive the pencils presence as 2 unconnected points at either end of our universe. If we then twist the pencil - at one point we see an object spinning clockwise and at the other point we see a counter-clockwise spinning object. I believe that this simple experiment shows that in entanglement we are looking at one connected object and not 2 separated objects. Their connection resides in 5D space and beyond our means of detection. SEE FIG BELOW. The most exiting extension of the entanglement theory is that it is likely to effect all mass generated at the time of the BIG BANG. (i.e all of me and all of you as well.)..........Spooky! 
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